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How can I contact you?
Our email address and Twitter are listed on the Contact page - we'd be happy to hear from you!
Can I make a Let's Play (LP) of your game?
Sure, feel free to record your gameplay and post/stream it on sites like YouTube and Twitch. You're also allowed to monetize these recordings, obviously.
Our soundtrack uses obscure but mainstream music. We've licensed it for the game but don't have exclusive rights to it, so if you plan to monetize YouTube videos you may want to turn the music volume to zero and play your own royalty-free music in the background to avoid having to deal with Content ID matches from some of the artists.
Why did you make this game?
The internet is a cesspool that amplifies bad ideas and treats them with unwarranted legitimacy. Sometimes we just need to give craziness the respect it deserves - laughter.
People isolate themselves with a little group of others who share the same ideas. Even someone who believes the earth is flat can find thousands of others on the internet who agree. Finding someone else who believes your fantasy too doesn't mean it's legitimate.
Unfortunately, in an era where the news is all about clickbait, novelty, and outrage, these small groups people can actually be treated as credible. And even if high-quality journalists avoid a topic, there are plenty of blogs and gossip sites to gobble up the trash and regurgitate it. Humor is the first step to realizing that not every idea is equal in quality, regardless of how many netizens retweet it.
Why are asexuals missing from your game?
The game is satire meant to poke fun at egregious abuses of relativism, outrage, and social justice. Although 'asexual' is included in the expanded LGBT acronym, it isn't a funny condition even if some people may use it to make themselves feel special, and mocking someone for their real lack of sexual drive due to physical or emotional problems would be mean-spirited and not in line with the message we're trying to convey.
Why are intersex people missing from your game?
Intersex is a rare and real medical condition that has the potential to cause a lot of pain and turmoil in a person's life. Even though social justice has tried to co-opt the term and condition for their cause, we omitted it from the gender hierarchy out of respect for those born with it. They do not have a choice and do not necessarily subscribe to the social justice craziness.
Then why do you include transsexuals in your game?
Although the feeling that you don't fit in your body is very real for a small percentage of people, it's also very prevalently used to push a victim agenda and act special. We're not mocking those for whom passing is important, just those who wear not-passing as a badge of honor and currency for their activist agenda. And activists leeching off this rare condition for power and attention are a very prominent cornerstone of intersectionality.
Are you mocking my sexuality?
We don't care who you want to bang, but we are mocking those who force their sexuality on others or use it as a weapon to push an agenda. You flaunt it, we mock it - don't put it out there if you can't handle the reaction. We live in the age of social media where oversharing is common, but that doesn't require you to announce your kinks to the world.
To be clear, we're not asking anyone to be in the closet, just suggesting that privacy is advisable for those with thin skin. When you shout something to the world you can't be mad when the world discusses it, possibly in a way that you don't like. The heroes we designed are a variety of sexual orientations and some are quite flamboyant, but they portray strength and the use of logic rather than victimhood.
Just be a person, not a walking billboard for a cause. Everyone will like you better, and you'll probably feel less oppressed.
My group has experienced real life oppression, how dare you make light of that!
We try to acknowledge real problems in some of the game descriptions. Maybe we didn't cover all of them, or maybe you're one of those people who thinks disagreement with your opinions is equivalent to actual violence. The latter are the type of people we're mocking, so if you have real problems in your real life, our sympathies are with you.
You forgot about Antifa/Alt-Right/Religions or some other crazy movement!
We didn't forget, there's just too much craziness to cover in the scope of one indie game. If the base game is popular we'll definitely make a cheap DLC that adds a second campaign for some of the issues listed above.
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